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Project Subsidiary in india

A foreign company can commence operations in India through the incorporation of a company under the provisions of the Indian companies act, 1956. foreign equity in such Indian companies can be up to 100 per cent depending on the Industry of the foreign investor, prevailing investment policies of the government and receipt of requisite approvals.

We perform this function right from the documentation stage to incorporation approval. We shall be providing you with the docket containing

  • Application made to ROC
  • Certificate of Incorporation documents received from the ROC
  • Receipt of the fees and taxes paid in this regard
  • CD soft copy of MOA & AOA
  • List of compliance to be made on regular intervals.
  • 100 Copies MOA & AOA
  • Common Seal of the Company
  • Share Certificates issued by the company
  • Filing of application for Income Tax Account Number
  • Registration of Company with Labor Laws
  • Provision of Alternate Director of Indian Origin, if required.

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