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Taxation Services

We provide consultancy taxation services on both Direct & Indirect Taxes. Under Direct Taxes, we provide services on.

Income Tax
We provide the following:
  • Under Indirect Taxation, we provide services on the following:
  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax/VAT
  • Excise Duty
  • Customs Duty
Service Tax
Sales Tax/VAT
  • Consultancy Services on applicability of VAT/CST & compliance relating to Registration
  • Consultancy on applicability of Central Sales Tax (CST)
  • Consultancy on applicability of Works Contract Tax(WCT)
  • Consultancy on availing VAT inputs
  • Filing of Sales Tax Return
  • Representing the client in Assessment
  • Preparation of Appeals
Excise Duty
  • Consultancy on applicability of Excise Duty
  • Consultancy Services on Registration with Excise Authorities
  • Consultancy Services on availing Input Credits
  • Filing of Excise Return
  • Representing Client in Excise Audit/Assessment
  • Preparation of Appeals
Customs Duty
  • Consultancy in Licensing requirements
  • Getting premises Custom Bonded
  • Consultancy on Customs Procedure and documentation
  • Consultancy on Policies & Procedures under Export-Import (EXIM) Policy
  • Consultancy on Export, Import of Goods, Clearance, Warehousing etc.

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