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Government Liasoning

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Project Management on upfront means coordinating with the local vendors & agencies, client and all local authorities to setup the Office(s) in India.

Complete coordination with the stated agencies and working to meet the deadlines setup for completion of project. We shall be tracking the changes and providing the supervision of experts in the relevant fields with MIS on Daily, Monthly & Quarterly basis.

Strategic Outsource Procurement continuously provides opportunities to improve your competitive advantage on procurement of various Infrastructure and IT related items.

Our Procurement Solutions Group combines, Sourcing Networks, Data Management Group and Supply Market Solutions to provide a comprehensive suite of products that complement our Sourcing capabilities. We shall be using our sourcing network to help our clients to procure the material at the lowest minimum possible cost.

All the companies/ex-pats moving towards India would for various reasons require to interact with Embassies, Immigration Department of the country & Chamber of Commerce (CoC) to explore new business opportunity.

We would be providing the liaison services to the companies/ex-pats to interact with embassies & immigration department of the country, along with tracking the news/conferences/opportunities as desired by them to be informed to them on regular basis.

Companies specific to IT industry normally have to get themselves registered with Nasscom & get their IT setup approval from Department of Telecommunication.

With the specialized experts on the IT Network Design and people from Government Liaison, we shall be performing the 1) Designing of IT setup based on the need 2) Getting the same approved from DOT complete liaison 3) Liaison with Nasscom 4) Getting the client company registered.

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